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Michelle Willson

Tomorrow - ( Sat. 5/18 ) - I'm looking forward to speaking with Bonnie Johnson, host of "Colors of Jazz", broadcast live every Saturday from 4-7PM on 90.5 FM WICN public radio in Worcester, MA. Not sure of specific time - but it'll be sometime between 4-6:15-ish, as I'll be playing the dinner set @ the Beehive in Boston from 6:30-8:30, along with Sven Larson - bass and Mike Mele - guitar.

A very enjoyable way for me to spend Sat. evening - hope you have a wonderful weekend, as well. ( listen online ) ( reservations and info. )

next weekend - Sat. 5/25 - 9PM
Acton Jazz Cafe - first time at the new location of the Acton Jazz Cafe. Make your reservations today!
Fernando Holz - a wonderful Brazilian Jazz singer will do a set @ 7 and the boyz and I will play around 9(ish).
Zac Casher - drums
Sven Larson - bass
Mike Mele - guitar
Scott Shetler - clarinet, mandolin, sax

Please come out and show your support for Gwenn Vivian and her magical love shack - talk about supporting live music!

Please contribute whatever you can to the "Fortune Cookie" recording fund - the show at Scullers was amazing - it's recorded and waiting to be mixed, mastered and manufactured. Every dollar helps and is very much appreciated. We have raised just over $1,000 of the $8,000 needed to complete this project. Can't wait to share it w/ you and need your help to make that happen. Thanks to those who have already made a contribution and Thanks in advance to those of you who are about to.
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Michelle Willson
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Recording the live CD Fortune Cookie
Sculler's Jazz Club, Boston, MA

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